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Self-Esteem by Andrea Chatten

This book is for children aged 7+ who want help with learning how to cope with low self-esteem.
It is written as a fiction book with lots of messages and guidance woven into the stories about
Bladen and Tim and their friends.

The Blinks books were created to help children, young people, and their families understand
emotional and behavioural issues. More so, they provide strategies and techniques to
help manage and change the intensity and duration of problematic behaviours over time.

Self-Esteem Manual

About Unravel

Welcome to Unravel CEBPC. We are a team of specialised Emotional & Behavioural Psychologists who provide bespoke interventions to children, young people, families and professionals.

Unravel CEBPC is an organisation which translates children’s Emotional and Behavioural difficulties to children, young people, families and professionals in order to provide understanding and specific action to drive positive change.

Unravel has quickly been embraced by schools and parents who are in desperate need for intervention during challenging times. we recognise that there is a service missing to translate children’s behaviours into a form of need, and to help everyone recognise what can be done to help each young person develop positively with out the hurdles.

  • Anxiety & underlying anxiety conditions

    Anxiety underpins every emotional and behavioural issue form having a difficult few days to more stable conditions such as Autism and ADHD. Understanding what anxiety is and how to manage it are fundamental to moving things forward.

  • Supporting positive mental health and well-being

    It is perfectly normal for all of us to have difficult days now and then. However when these issues present for intensely over a longer duration it can have a huge impact on our happiness and well-being. Most issues are moved on quickly and easily.

  • Emotional development

    At Unravel we do not see age as a number but more so as a state of mind. Emotional development can become hindered across a child’s lifespan and can present as emotional and behavioural issues. By helping parents, carers and professionals understand this better, positive change and resilience can be fostered.

  • Nurture and parental sensitivity

    Understanding our children is essential to promote positive development. At Unravel we can help translate some of the behavioural issues that children and young people are presenting in order to ensure a deeper understanding and most appropriate responses.

  • Changing and improving negative emotional & behavioural patterns

    Before any positive change can happen, it is essential that an assessment of need occurs so that the most appropriate and effective action can be taken. When emotional & behavioural change is approached holistically and with commitment the results are beneficial to everyone involved.

What others say about us

“Without Unravel my son would not have stood a chance in life, they saved him from getting into trouble at a young age and right through to leaving school. Unravel took him under their wing when everyone else gave up on him and he adored his Psychologist, they are a true credit to children with behavioural problems. Without their guidance he would have been locked up. I looked on unravel as a supportive friend and they really are a caring and aspiring team that parents can look up to.”


“When I first met my Psychologist from Unravel, teachers hated me and wanted to get me out. I remember her saying to me when I first met her how angry and mad I looked and it was true. I hated everything and everyone and I was so unhappy. She helped me so much she honestly did because without her I wouldn’t be where I am now and I know I wouldn’t. I always say to myself and everyone it is Unravel who helped me change and who taught me I could be better than I was, achieve things and wasn’t as useless as everyone used to say I was.”

StaceySecondary pupil

“Unravel has a great understanding of people, especially young people who are experiencing challenges in life and particularly in education. They a warm but firm nature when needed and the many young people and parents that I have known them work with appreciate their honesty. Unravel has a great way of challenging people, to make changes to improve their lives. They shows kids how to feel loved and to like themselves.”

Cathy Colleague