• To unravel children’s behavioural difficulties and develop happier children
  • To motivate children to feel grounded and capable to achieve
  • To provide individual bespoke child centred interventions
  • To support parents in understanding their child’s behavioural issues and provide appropriate information and strategies to support positive change for the child and the family
  • To promote positive health and wellbeing of children, parents, families and teaching staff
  • To help schools allocate Pupil Premium money correctly and as Ofsted would recognise as valued
  • To save money. Many children’s behavioural issues can be changed without Educational Psychologist involvement. Unravel offers professional, experienced and appropriate interventions for significantly less cost and is able to highlight the most beneficial and accurate use of Educational Psychologists time
  • To save time. Recognising behavioural communication early on, we can reduce complex issues developing across the lifespan
  • To educate adults involved with complex young people on the psychological issues underlying behavioural issues and specific tips to support positive development

Mission Statement

Children’s emotional and behavioural well-being is fundamental to happiness throughout childhood but also across the lifespan. At Unravel we strongly believe that all children deserve to be accepted and happy regardless of the challenges they present. This philosophy motivates us to develop many strategies of analysis, understanding and translating behaviours into a form of communication or need. The development of strong, trusting relationships enables a deeper learning process to occur emotionally and academically and allow behaviour to be changed for the better, not just managed. By really getting to know each child, young person and their family, as well as the needs of the school or caregivers, bespoke interventions and support can be provided in order to achieve the desired outcome for the child’s development, their families, the teaching staff, and more important future prospects.