Bespoke packages

Bespoke packages for individuals are offered and based on 1:1 work supported with teacher & parent discussion which in turn dictate the most appropriate intervention or strategy to obtain the best result for the young person and those involved. Although some behaviour management approaches can present behaviour changes quickly, it is important to understand that cognitive and behavioural transformation can take time, commitment, patience and support for the young person and by those encompassed in the change process.

Some popular packages

Generic packages that can be personalised and tailored are:

  • Assessing children’s behavioural and psychological needs in school and at home
  • Strategic interventions for educationalists and families
  • Supporting education with inclusive practice of children & young people
  • Advising parents/carers on understanding & improving behaviours at home
  • 1:1 sessions applying many therapeutic psychological approaches including:

CBT, mindfulness, person centred, solution focussed developmental & positive psychologies

  • Whole school behaviour systems

Training professionals

Training professionals on key emotional & psychological issues behind the behaviours including:

  • anxiety, anger and depression in children
  • attachment, temperament, nature v’s nurture, self-regulation,
  • moral development & developing moral reasoning, emotional development & resilience,
  • positive psychology, social cognition (Attribution) & relations, reward & pleasure,
  • social inclusion & exclusion and engaging the hard to reach