“Without Unravel my son would not have stood a chance in life, they saved him from getting into trouble at a young age and right through to leaving school. Unravel took him under their wing when everyone else gave up on him and he adored his Psychologist, they are a true credit to children with behavioural problems. Without their guidance he would have been locked up. I looked on unravel as a supportive friend and they really are a caring and aspiring team that parents can look up to.”


“Unravel has a great understanding of people, especially young people who are experiencing challenges in life and particularly in education. They a warm but firm nature when needed and the many young people and parents that I have known them work with appreciate their honesty. Unravel has a great way of challenging people, to make changes to improve their lives. They shows kids how to feel loved and to like themselves.”

Cathy Senior Learning Mentor

“When I first met my Psychologist from Unravel, teachers hated me and wanted to get me out. I remember her saying to me when I first met her how angry and mad I looked and it was true. I hated everything and everyone and I was so unhappy. She helped me so much she honestly did because without her I wouldn’t be where I am now and I know I wouldn’t. I always say to myself and everyone it is Unravel who helped me change and who taught me I could be better than I was, achieve things and wasn’t as useless as everyone used to say I was.”

StaceySecondary pupil

After working with Unravel, I feel totally empowered as a parent. There is a lot to be said that if you know your children aren’t happy then as a parent, you aren’t either. The relief of finally finding someone, who was like an angel landing will stay with me forever. Someone who understood and could help me unravel the difficulties we were facing as a family. I cannot thank Unravel enough for myself and my boys are so much more content, happier and more importantly calmer.


Unravel give of their time freely in school and we regard their role as an extra member of our pastoral staff. They work with parents also so that we can have a co-ordinated approach to improving behaviour. As Unravel are not here in a teaching capacity they often succeed where we do not. In addition Unravel provides regular blogs on how to manage challenging behaviour and pupils well-being. I cannot recommend them more highly. Unravel has made a real difference to our school.

Anne Head teacher

When I first came to Secondary school I found it hard to get into school.  I didn’t talk to anyone and it came to a point where I couldn’t even get into a classroom.  I also had real trouble separating from my parents when going into school. I felt extremely lonely and trapped. Then I met Unravel. I had never talked to anyone about my feelings before but when I did, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I realised that I couldn’t let the anxiety beat me!

I could see that the more I confronted the anxiety, the easier it became for me to come into school.  A quote that I like is by Dr Zeus, “you have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

Now I don’t feel lonely or trapped anymore. I am not so attached to safe places. I still see Unravel but not as often, I have realised I can do this on my own and it feels amazing.

Lucy Y8Sheffield school